A Christmas Carol Essay Thesis

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As you know, Ebenezer Scrooge is the protagonist of this story.He’s also a complete asshole—at least, at the beginning.

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But by the end, both Scrooge and his surroundings have done a tonal 180 thanks to his night of forcible self-reflection: “Running to the window, he opened it, and put out his head. ” Dickens was particularly skilled at setting distinctive scenes like this, but he’s far from the only author whose settings have a distinctive “flavor.” Recall how easy it is to picture the sights, smells and sounds at Hogwarts, for example, or in Rivendell, the West Egg, the Hundred-Acre Wood, or Sleepy Hollow.

No fog, no mist; clear, bright, jovial, stirring, cold; cold, piping for the blood to dance to; Golden sunlight; Heavenly sky; sweet fresh air; merry bells. While some readers prefer minimal descriptions, there’s no doubt that authors who spend the time spinning tonal elements that are peculiar to their narratives—with more grandiosity like Dickens or more sparingly like Milne—are often fondly remembered for it.

Because it’s a Christmas CAROL) But the ghosts and the Staves still fit into the Rule of Threes.

Their influence on Scrooge serves the story as a micro three-act structure in the macro three acts of the larger story: Marley’s warning wraps up the first act.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to include three ghosts or other on-the-nose symbols in your story so blatantly.

But there’s a lot you can do with threes in a story: Having your MC endure three trials can teach them a well-rounded lesson.Three little pigs, three musketeers, three wise men, three acts, signing in triplicate, liberté, égalité, fraternité. Dickens’ three timely Christmas ghosts are among the most well-known uses of the Rule of Threes, and for good reason: Each one marks a different level of growth in old Ebenezer’s night of emotional transformation.Not only that, the ghosts illustrate the use of the Rule of Threes as a structural device.Discover the top four lessons you can apply to your craft, regardless of what genre, age group or form you’re writing for.As I mentioned before, Dickens’ story is largely credited with crafting our contemporary idea of a “traditional” Christmas celebration and the overall aesthetic associated with it.Even loosely following that three-act structure, into which Joseph Campbell’s 17 steps of a hero’s journey neatly fit, can help you form your characters’ trajectory into a coherent beginning, middle and end that will satisfy your readers.Having two side characters to accompany your MC can help you create balance, suspense and richer perspective. As I’ve said, one benefit to the three-part journey is its suitability for unfolding believable character growth and change.(Hint: It’s the charitable and familial spirit of Christmas.) “It’s the journey, not the destination,” and all that jazz.Obviously this would not work if all we saw what the other characters in the story see: Ebenezer goes to sleep an asshole and wakes up not-an-asshole.A text response essay is basically reading a certain type of work and then responding to it.You can do it in a number of ways but there is some structure to how an essay should be organized.


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