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If you're a parent trying to decide whether homework is important for your ADHD kid, here are some things to consider. The least enjoyable moments of the night will involve getting your ADHD child to focus on completing a pile of worksheets.That's assuming, of course, she can recall where she put them or whether she remembered to even bring them home.Research shows that they tend to have fewer reciprocal friendships, and are more likely to be ignored or rejected by peers.

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It may be due to impaired social and communication skills—they may not listen to friends, fail to pick up on important social cues, or act impulsively or intrusively.

How you can help: The most important thing you can do is know who your teen is spending time with, and try to encourage her to discuss friendship and relationship difficulties with you or another trusted adult.

Above all, teenagers with ADHD need parents to stay in the picture and know what they need to do and when they’re doing it, rather than assuming they are handling the work independently.

About half of adolescents with ADHD have serious problems with peer relationships.

You can also talk to him about the value of apologizing after he has lost his temper.

For kids with ADHD who are having serious problems with volatility, cognitive behavioral therapy can be effective.It’s also important to encourage participation in extracurricular activities, which offer social opportunities in a structured environment.If you see her seriously struggling to make, and keep, friends, you might want to find a therapist who teaches social skills.To many professionals, the link between homework problems in ADHD students and underachievement in school is compelling enough to motivate researchers looking for ways to improve homework outcomes for the ADHD population in particular. Unfortunately for parents seeking guidance, questions about homework's effectiveness continue to outpace answers.And though it is hard to see past the whining, many parents view a nightly sit-down over homework as an opportunity to model positive learning behavior and to monitor firsthand their child's progress.This scenario underscores a fact few ADHD parents will deny: if homework is hard on ADHD kids--by nature, absent-minded and disorganized--it's pointblank misery for their parents.It's a fact tempting you toward the chatter in education circles today, chatter about no-homework policies curing student and parent woes.Tutors or homework helpers can help him if he is struggling with particular academic material, or just with the self-discipline to apply himself to homework.Helping him get (and stay) organized can be critical, whether you do it by creating structure for working at home, or get him an organizational coach, whose mission is to help him learn to organize himself.The lines cross in adolescence, and as the gap widens, the challenges for kids with ADHD mount.In addition, adolescents are more susceptible to peer group influence, which becomes more powerful in the teenage years, as kids gradually separate from their parents and other authority figures.


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