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Season 24, Episode 16March 30, 2014Clips include a salute to hopping dogs; farm mishaps; "Name That Sound"; kids' reactions to Christmas gifts; and a woman trying to catch a lizard with salad tongs.Also: Host Tom Bergeron plays "Nice Face."Season 24, Episode 17April 6, 2014Clips include a little girl frightening her grandmother with a fake iguana; a hamster that loves peanut butter; a military homecoming in which a father surprises his cheerleader daughter at halftime; and a dog trying to steal a man's snow shovel. "Season 24, Episode 18April 13, 2014Clips include animals wearing clothes; a woman surprising her mother on Christmas; a teen playing a joke on his brother by waking him up for school on a snow day; and a round of "Bug Zapping Zeroes vs.

Season 24, Episode 13January 26, 2014Clips include rivalries between cats and dogs; trick basketball shots; and a terrier that has learned to cheat at exercising.

Also: Host Tom Bergeron plays "What's Behind the Big Blue Blob."Season 24, Episode 14March 16, 2014Clips include people destroying snowmen in unusual ways for the Destroy a Snowman Assignment America; a squirrel stealing a man's cell phone; "Unicycles vs.

But the clip wasn’t selected for the show until 2004, when producers were assembling an animal-themed episode.

By the time Lamontagne and her family made the trek to the “AFV” stage, Meghan was old enough to appreciate the experience.

For some, the money was a godsend that helped them get through lean times.

For others, the check from “AFV” became seed money for trust funds and college savings accounts.

"Season 24, Episode 3October 27, 2013Clips include a ticklish man getting a pedicure; a music montage of cats; a round of "People Getting Pinched by Crabs vs.

Kids Stuck in Toilets"; and a Chihuahua dressed as a Chia Pet for Halloween. "Season 24, Episode 4November 3, 2013Clips include a man who steers a remote-control airplane on a collision course with his own head; a malfunctioning golf-ball dispenser; and a bulldog reacting to a cheeseburger while sleeping.

Also: Host Tom Bergeron plays "Pick the Real Video."Season 24, Episode 5November 10, 2013Clips include magic tricks that fail miserably; a race-car passenger's expressions; a dad discovering his twin daughters have tossed their belongings out a window; and a wedding photographer who winds up wet trying to capture a perfect shot.

Season 24, Episode 6November 17, 2013Clips include treadmill mishaps; a man frightening a woman with a snake; a soldier's homecoming that surprises his mother; and "Great Moments in Bad Ideas." Also: Host Tom Bergeron plays "Head, Gut or Groin?


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