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Allegory is a type of symbolism in which there is a direct one-to-one relationship between a character, object, or place and an idea or concept.In layman terms, it is symbolism that is blatant and obvious.The media has the power through the radio, television, or other technologies to tell us things that might not even be true but we have to believe them because we don’t know what is true. have a right to know things from different viewpoints not from one company that controls all media and is interested in purely ... The way that the media has the ability to tell us false stories, proves Plato’s theory, “…and he will be unable to see the realities of which in his former state he had seen the shadows; and then conceive someone saying to him, that what he saw before was an illusion…” (Plato 1).

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One is teaching the other about the human condition through allegory and symbolism.

The first symbol we encounter is the cave itself, which represents the ignorance of mankind. The chains that hold the prisoners represent humanity's inability to become enlightened, either because of internal forces such as stubbornness, laziness, or external forces such as government or religion.

Plato's cave has several such symbols, as well as some that are not so obvious.

The story starts out as a conversation between two men.

We rely on the news to know what is going on in the world, and we can’t really deny what they tell us because it’s their job to tell us the truth. Then when someone told him that it was all an ‘illusion’ he realized that everything that was said to be true was all one big lie to make it seem like everything in the world was perfect.

There have been many mishaps where it has even been caught on television one example was on the news, “Taking her act one step further, this morning she appeared on a suburban street .. Plato had the right idea when he was explaining his theory and the synonymous examples he used which relates to the media, “…like the screen which marionette players have in front of them, over which they show the puppets” (Plato 1).The fire represents false or at best incomplete knowledge.The puppeteers those individuals who continue to teach such false knowledge, thereby perpetuating ignorance.The Allegory of the cave , like most things in philosophy, can be deciphered in many different ways. The main point of the Allegory of the Cave is to give an example of the way that we all live our lives. I seem to think there is another meaning to the Allegory of the Cave. The Allegory of the Cave is a direct comparison to that of the process of dying and accention into heaven.The Allegory of the Cave is and illustration of the way humans look at the Earth and what we fell is reality. What the Allegory Implies for People Living in a World of Senses The Allegory of the Cave implies that if we rely on our perceptions to know the truth about existence then we will know very little about it. The shadows on the cave wall change continually and are of little worth, but the reality out side the cave never changes and that makes it important.While inside the cave, the prisoners function only with this eye. An allegory is "a story in which the characters and situations actually represent people and situations in another context" (276). In the allegory, this enlightenment is portrayed as a prisoner being released from the dark cave.The cave in this allegory symbolizes the dark imperfect world filled with shadows and distorted images that only the "bodily eye" is able to see....In Allegory of the Cave, by Plato, a person was enlightened. In Allegory of the Cave, there are many people living in the cave. The lesson in the Allegory of the Cave was you have to be enlightened to understand new concepts. It is much like the prisoner being forced out of the cave. Allegory of the Cave comes from book VII of Plato's best know n work: The Republic. The Allegory is still useful and relevant in today's world. Plato's Allegory of the Cave begins by describing how people are chained in a cave. In today's world, "Allegory of the Cave" still speaks to us in politics. All of the analogies that Plato makes in Allegory of the Cave are still true in today's world. Plato's "Allegory of the Cave" and the film, "The Truman Show," have many similarities in which both encourage its audience to question what they perceive as reality.Plato's Allegory of the Cave is used to illustrate the physical world as an illusion, the cave signifying the world, the prisoners representing the people who inhabit the world and the shadows representative of everything that the people see such as objects and their surrounding as real. The Truman show resembles Plato's allegory of the cave as initially Truman is trapped into his own cave and his journey into...The allegory has eight stages, beginning with belief and ending in cognition of the world of forms.Some prisoners will stay in the cave and others will venture out. "The Allegory of the Cave") Plato explains this with his eight stages of cognition. Allegory of the Cave The Truth and Light Allegories are small stories that deal with big ideas and hopefully help people reach the state of being enlightened.


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