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When Jane and Angela walk out of the gym, Jane is annoyed to see that her parents are waiting for her.Lester is overly enthusiastic about meeting Angela, and Jane and Angela quickly leave to go out for pizza.

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The couple begins to argue as they enter the house and the camera pans over a series of happy family pictures. When Lester tries to have a conversation with Jane, she responds badly and leaves the table.

Lester follows her and continues to try to talk to her as the camera pans out and transitions to a shot from the grainy camera that we saw earlier.

Despite her upbeat attitude and attempts to put a positive spin on every aspect of the (decidedly unremarkable) house, at the end of the day it remains unsold.

Carolyn begins to sob uncontrollably, but then abruptly cuts her tears off by screaming and slapping herself.

When Angela learns about the camera incident, she fills Jane in on what she knows about the new boy's sordid past.

Ricky comes up and introduces himself to Jane, ignoring Angela.Meanwhile, next door, Ricky has breakfast with his distant mother and hate-filled father.The doorbell rings, and Colonel Fitts opens it to reveal the two Jims from down the block, who have come bearing a welcome basket.Meanwhile, Jane and Angela sit outside in Angela's car, smoking a joint while Angela talks about how men are always unbelievably attracted to her.The shot transitions to the grainy camera, and it becomes apparent that Ricky is filming the girls.Meanwhile, Carolyn drags Lester to a party associated with her work.She forces him to say hello to Buddy Kane, the "Real Estate King", and his wife Christie. He is working at the party as a waiter, and he invites Lester to go outside and get high with him.Lester, no longer willing to play Carolyn's sidekick as he has so many times in the past, behaves strangely, and Carolyn is clearly embarrassed. When Ricky's boss comes out to chastise him, Ricky calmly quits, inspiring Lester to call the younger boy his "personal hero".Ricky explains to Lester that the catering jobs are just a cover for his job as a drug dealer.He calls her, but hangs up in a panic when she answers.Angela uses *69 to call Jane back, and Jane is horrified when she realizes what happened.


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