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Now, consider your examples and look for ideas that go together. A position such as, 'All of these expanded the power of the federal government in different ways,' sounds like you don't know enough details to compare them, so instead, consider something like, 'The Great Society most expanded federal power because of its permanent expansion of the government's economic role in social welfare.' You have a clear focus, which you can explain, defend, and contrast.

Now, you need to fill out the paragraph, explaining how the Great Society expanded federal power.

Make sure you do more than just present a list of programs; it would be better to have fewer examples with greater detail.

B: Nast opposed Tammany Hall and believed it was destroying America.

C: Some people needed the help offered by political machines. When presented with a visual, you could circle or underline details that help prove the artist's point of view - that Nast opposed Tammany Hall.

First, quickly answer all parts of the question in your test booklet.

The simple answer for part A is the rise of political machines.

Most of the available samples require students to answer parts A, B, and C.

Many of these questions will challenge you to think about opposing viewpoints.

Once again, you can answer part A with a focused topic sentence.

You might say, 'Tammany Hall, represented symbolically as a tiger, is an example of a political machine, one of the most controversial organizations of the late 19th century.


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