Amplifier Design Thesis

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With current technology, UWB can offer data rates up to 480 Mbps and its operational frequency spectrum is between 3.1 and 10.6 GHz.

All these benefits originate from the wideband characteristic of the transmitted/received impulse signals in an UWB system.

In response to the ever increasing demand in communication traffic and data throughput, largely driven by video based social media platforms, both spectral and power efficient device and systems are needed to fulfil the requirements.

In terms of energy consumption, the power amplifier is an important component, and although developing efficient technologies for handset equipment is important, it is the base station element of the communications system that poses the greater challenge, having to deal with many channels simultaneously, resulting in the need to linearly and efficiently amplify highly dynamic phase and amplitude modulated signals possessing very large peak-to-average power ratios, at high power levels.

Following the analysis, a fast-switching power stage is designed to aim for switching loss minimization.

Nickel And Dimed Essay - Amplifier Design Thesis

This output stage design features immunity to the on-chip supply bounce, realized by internally regulated floating supplies, variable driving strength for the gate driver, and an efficient 2-step level shifter design.

Both LNAs are designed to have a gain of at least 45 d B, a noise figure of less than 8 d B and an S₁₁ of better than -10 d B while drawing less than 10 m A from a 1.3 V power supply.

Mobile communication technologies are becoming increasingly sophisticated and have experienced rapid evolution over the last few decades, and this is especially true for the base station transmitter.

To gain insight in class D power efficiency, a detailed analysis of high-voltage class-D dissipation sources is performed and a dissipation model including all the major dissipation sources is developed.

The analysis shows that switching loss is a potential dominating dissipation source in high-voltage applications, while its contribution can be minimized by fast switching to eliminate V-I overlap losses.


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