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Amway’s business model is based on a pyramid scheme which is illegal in many big country’s including USA.However, these companies come up with different explanations over time to time to prove their legitimacy, but it is still an affiliate business.In this company, the performance of an ABO depends on PV (Product Value) and GPV. For Example, if the price of a product is 480 rupees, then you will get 5 PV.

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People have earned a lot of money by working for this company.

Today, there are so many people waiting to join this company and participate in network marketing.

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Since that time, this company has been successful in gaining more and more popularity with every passing year.

Just like they have a fever medicine of Rs 12 in their bill and they sell it for further 19 to 24 rupees while the product is around MRP 90, I want to maintain the confidentiality of the company and the friend So I can not tell the name.

Amway India Business Plan Argumentative Essay Outlines

Now, let’s think about the product coming in 12 rupees, or we can say about 8 times the profits.

In this the company will give all the ABOs a commission of 8% and all the products will be manufactured with a state of the art equipment.

Further income keeps getting added to your account once you add the second ABO in your business. According to the business plan of Amway, 1 PV is equal to 96 Rupees.

Here is the table to better understand the commission level.

This table shows the commission based on the product volume or the PV which is assembled for a month or a year. This means that the difference is also added to the commission of the ABO.


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