An Essay On History Of Computers

An Essay On History Of Computers-7
Heaven was the upper part and Earth was the lower one. can be represented by placing the beads at proper place.

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This device was a first develop Ed by the Egyptians in the 10th centaury B. Abacus is made up of wooden frame in which rod where fitted across with rounds beads sliding on the rod.

C, but it was given it final shape in the 12th centaury A. It id dividing into two parts called ‘Heaven’ and ‘Earth’.

In this generation, transistors were used as the electronic component instead of vaccum tubes .

A transistors is much smaller in the size than that of a vaccum tube.

When the data is collected as facts and figure, it has no meaning at that time, for example, name of student, names of employees etc.

2.: - ‘Processing’ is the set of instruction given by the user or the related data to output the meaningful information. The work of processing may be the calculation, comparisons or the decision taken by the computer.The main advantage of IC is not only its small size but its superior performance and reliability than the previous circuits. ‘Micro processor’ is the main concept behind this generation of computer. The honaur of developing microprocessor goes to Ted Hoff of U. It is evident that the next generation of computer i.e. In that generation, computer will possess artificial intelligence and it would be able to take self decisions like a human being.Ever since the invention of Charles Babbage’s difference engine in 1822, computers have required a means of instructing them to perform a specific task. Computer languages were first composed of a series of steps to wire a particular program; these morphed into a series of steps keyed into the computer and then executed; later these languages acquired advanced features such as logical branching and object orientation.It included such feature which is used in today’s computer language. It could store only limited or small amount of information.For this great invention of the computer, Sir Charles Babbage is also known as the father of the computer. Initially in the first generation computer the concept of vacuum tubes was used.Actually speaking electronic data processing does not go back more than just half a centaury i.e. In early days when our ancestor used to reside in cave the counting was a problem. When they started using stone to count their animals or the possession they never knew that this day will lead to a computer of today.People today started following a set of procedure to perform calculation with these stones, which later led to creation of a digital counting device, which was the predecessor the first calculating device invented, was know as ABACUS.In thus process John Napier’s of Scotland invented a calculating device, in the year 1617 called the Napier Bones.In the device, Napier’s used the bone rods of the counting purpose where some no. These rods that one can do addition, subtraction, multiplication and division easily.Abacus is known to be the first mechanical calculating device.Which was used to be performed addition and subtraction easily and speedily?


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