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Our new edition is meant to better organize and winnow the number down to a reasonable amount which are nonetheless representative and paradigmatic of the work in general.

This makes this important text more accessible and readable.

For, if the parent is not responsive to a dutiful youth, how is it that they would be responsive to a rebellious one?

Yet, when the parent recognizes the dutifulness of the youth, the parent is able to change their behavior without loss of status.

(11.22) We thereby understand that the pronouncements in the Analects may be directed at specific audiences, to their particular needs.

In addition, the work can and has been treated as a source of pronoucements, which can be dipped into and selections made to apply to a given context.Ritual is When it comes to the practice of ritual it is harmonious ease [he] that is to be valued…If you merely stick to rigid ritual in all matters, great and small, there will remain that which you cannot accomplish.The two primary themes animating this text are ritual and rightness (or righteousness).In addition, the ideas of learning, trustworthiness, courage, and goodness are of interest.A key to understanding the pronouncements of the Master and the Analects in general is found in section 11.2, when two different individuals ask the Master the same question at different times, and get different answers.A third individual noted this and asked: When Zilu asked you whether or not one should immediately take care of something upon learning of it, you told him one should not, as long as one's father and elder brothers were still alive.It should be noted that this is different than the training of the guardians in Plato's Republic. The commentary on the Analects by Huang Kan recounts the story of Wei Sheng, who promised to meet a woman under a bridge the next day, come hell or high water.In that case, learning is to be limited or restrained as well. That evening it began to rain and turned into a flood.The relationship of the Lord to the people is the same as that between the Lord and their ministers.Lord is to employ ministers with ritual and they are to serve the Lord with dutifulness (3.19).


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