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Egypt is a democratic republic, although some critics claim that it is not truly democratic.

Until 2005, there was never more than one presidential candidate to vote for.

Tourism is also an important part of Egypt’s economy, with visitors flocking to see the famous ancient monuments and to enjoy the country’s beautiful beaches.

A wonderful slice of Ancient Egyptian life is about to go on display in the UK, after being in storage for over four decades, offering us a glimpse into life as a kid learning his letters nearly 2,000 years ago.

They traded with their neighbours and learned to sail boats. C., Egypt fell under Roman control and centuries later, in A. Having so many people in such a small area causes overcrowding everywhere, from schools and hospitals to apartment buildings and public transport.

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Egypt’s geography, population, history and military strength have made it highly influential in the region.Egypt is home to a wide variety of animals and plants, including cheetahs, hyenas, crocodiles and cobras.The best places to see Egypt’s wildlife are in its 21 protected regions, which include oases, deserts, mountains, coastal areas, river islands and wetlands.Egyptians have always been close to the natural world.The ancient Egyptians left paintings and carvings (which can still be seen today!The first people to live on the banks of the Nile were hunters and fishermen, who settled there over 8,000 years ago. C., the kingdoms of Upper and Lower Egypt were unified under a powerful king, later called a pharaoh. C., Egypt had split into smaller parts and the kingdom was in decline.They learned to grow crops and raise animals, and they began to build villages and towns. These kings built huge pyramids, temples and other impressive monuments. Strong neighbours attacked and took over Egyptian territory – in 31 B. These Arab forces ruled Egypt for several centuries and founded the modern capital, Cairo. This puts strain on Egypt’s resources, since most people live in a narrow strip of land along the Nile River.Though there is no name on the tablet, so the identity of the pupil is unknown, back then formal education was almost exclusively the realm of males from wealthy families.The tablet reveals a lesson in ancient Greek, including a reading and writing exercise and multiplication table.) of large animals like elephants, hippos, leopards and cheetahs.These animals were once common in Egypt, but they are now rare or extinct because of hunting and habitat loss.


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