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The language flourished in England until the Norman conquest, when French became for a time the language of the court and of literature.English was thus left to everyday use and changed rapidly in the direction of the modern language.The English language developed from the West Germanic dialects spoken by the Angles, Saxons, and other Teutonic tribes who participated in the invasion and occupation of England in the fifth and sixth centuries.

The language flourished in England until the Norman conquest, when French became for a time the language of the court and of literature.

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Martin, 8/90; revised John Ragosta, 7/17/181813 August 16. "The 2 source of composition is of one family of roots with another.

the Greek avails itself of this most abundantly, & beautifully. eo[Anglo-Saxon: err]ð-[Anglo-Saxon: yogh]eme[Anglo-Saxon: te], earth-mate, geometry. [Anglo-Saxon: ess][Anglo-Saxon: te][Anglo-Saxon: yr][Anglo-Saxon: err][Anglo-Saxon: yogh]en[Anglo-Saxon: de]e-[Anglo-Saxon: de][Anglo-Saxon: err]enc, stirring-drink, a cathartic. "I learn from you with great pleasure, that a taste is reviving in England for the recovery of the Anglo-Saxon dialect of our language; for a mere dialect it is, as much as those of Piers Plowman, Gower, Douglas, Chaucer, Spenser, Shakespeare, Milton, for even much of Milton is already antiquated.

” The purpose of these forms of literature was to pass along tribal history and values to a population who could not read or write.

Warriors would gather In mead halls where scoops and their assistants would recite poems or songs for hours or even days as a form of entertainment or ceremonial occasions.

In “The Dream of the Rood,” Christianity is expressed very powerfully.

Vivid imagery is included to demonstrate strong devotion to God.This poem shows God triumphantly existent in the author’s most revered vision.It is clear that the Anglo-Saxons demonstrated their beliefs quite potently through literature.We are able to get a sense of their values from it.The Anglo-Saxons valued strength and zeal, as well as many other important values in life.While Anglo-Saxon is an ancestor of modern English, it is also a distinct language.It stands in much the same relationship to modern English as Latin does to the Romance languages.Their poems contain values dominant in today’s society, which reflect similar circumstances and situations we may face in our modern world today.These issues primarily regard our religion and conflicts experienced with it.These poems were made very catchy so they could easily be recalled and rhymes.Anglo-Saxon literature, such as epic poems, also show the influence of Christianity and how they presented their beliefs through writing.


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