Anisotropy Thesis

Anisotropy Thesis-89
While a decomposition of the arrival direction distribution into spherical harmonics shows that most of the power is contained in the low-multipole (ℓ ≤ 4) moments, higher-multipole components are found to be statistically significant down to an angular scale of less than 10°, approaching the angular resolution of the detector.

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This work uses 318 billion cosmic-ray induced muon events, collected between May 2009 and May 2015 from both the in-ice component of Ice Cube as well as the surface component, Ice Top.

The observed global anisotropy features large regions of relative excess and deficit, with amplitudes on the order of 10-3.

The effect of the role of the Co/Cu interface in the magnetoresistance, is also discussed.

Spin-transfer-torque induced switching is investigated in 200 nm diameter circularly shaped, perpendicular magnetized nanopillars.

By encoding structural or stiffness distribution in the actuated materials, we can partially offload the shape-changing control from actuators (digital) to the material itself (analogue), in order to achieve expressive transformations that current modularized actuation system cannot easily provide.

The structure of material and mechanical properties such as stiffness, can determine not only its static performances, but also, with the help of external forces, support dynamic shape change.

Variation in perpendicular magnetic anisotropy of (111) textured Au/N×[Co/Ni]/Au films as a function of number of bilayer repeats N is studied.

The thesis deals with the creation and control of perpendicular magnetic anisotropy (PMA) in technologically important material systems e.g.

In the Te V to Pe V energy range, the galactic magnetic field thoroughly scatters cosmic rays, but anisotropy at the part-per-mille level and smaller persists, potentially carrying information about nearby cosmic-ray accelerators and the galactic magnetic field.

The Ice Cube Neutrino Observatory was the first detector to observe anisotropy at these energies in the Southern sky.


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