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It is hardly surprising that his was banned and so were his paintings when they were exhibited in London.

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His most severe attack was directed against the Protestants and what he was to describe as the “perversion of puritanism,”According to him the Protestant religion was responsible for turning sex into a taboo word by enforcing a division between body and soul. The history of censorship is long and over the years presents different types of restrictions that were imposed in the name of public morality.

It had mentalized sex by separating it from the body. Religious censorship is perhaps the oldest, but suppression on political and moral grounds is closely aligned to it. Tyndale’s translated version of the Bible, for instance, was burnt even as the author was in 1536.

His works, like all literature, reflect the social, religious and cultural issues of the period he was writing in, but they also establish his effort to go against the conventional ideas of that age.

Thus he tried to reverse the popular notions connected with sex by writing about the subject in frank, honest and candid terms.

Moreover, his novels not only reflected the class and social conflicts of his age but also his bitter opposition to the major conservative notions of the Victorians regarding sex and sexuality.

His lifelong endeavour was to sanctify sex and to remove the opposition between the sacred and the profane that had been introduced by Christianity.

It required a writer who possessed a tremendous amount of confidence in himself and conviction of his beliefs to continue writing under such subversive circumstances.

Thus, in “A Propos of Lawrence’s repeated attempts to fight against the imposition of antediluvian notions of sexual morality ended with his novels being constantly censored as obscene.

Thus it is not difficult to understand why Lawrence continued to vent his anger against the censor-morons for acting in accordance with the heavy hand of law.

In a letter as late as 1928, he had complained to Morris Ernest on reading his book, Myself, I believe censorship helps nobody; and hurts many.


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