Anti Penalty Argument Essay

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There is no current information that would support this argument in its entirety.An inmate killing another inmate is also something that, by the economic argument those in favor of the death penalty attempt to use, will benefit society as we no longer have to pay for the deceased inmate’s incarceration expenses.The killed inmate probably deserved to be executed anyways.

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The unfortunate part for many of the statistics is that few statistics with such trends exist, and of the few that do, no correlation is explained, only assumed.

A majority of the statistics regarding deterrence via the death penalty are in favor of the opposite.

Said conclusions include the fact that it is not, as those in favor of the death penalty will argue with arguably inconclusive statistics, a deterrent to violent crime, is not an acceptable penalty for a violation of the social contract, is not more "economical" than life imprisonment, and by its nature permits a risk of executing innocent individuals regardless of the implementation of numerous safeguards.

Addresses the applications of punishment in Western penal and judicial systems, the argument of deterrence, the social contract, the subservient position of the state in relation to its population, miscarriages of justice, human rights abuses, and the appeal to emotion.

On a state-to-state comparison, states without the death penalty have lower homicide rates.

Admittedly, these statistics are also subject to heavy scrutiny on the basis of being circumstantial and narrow.The relevancy of this is close to none in regards to deterrence.It simply proves that individuals don’t want to be executed after convicted of a crime, not that they don’t want to commit crimes because they don’t want to be executed.Especially if we murder enough murderers and give it a chance.Unfortunately, the argument of deterrence is a rather weak on now that we have statistics and data and a more sober perspective of the issue with thousands of years of its use.While deterrence is great, the death penalty still is not.Even if we were to throw aside all other moral questions regarding the death penalty and focus solely on this point for reasoning that the death penalty is a good idea, we still could not find it satisfying because punishments are not made only because they are intended to deter future crimes.Justice Arthur Chaskalson, President of the South African Constitutional Court, Chief Justice of the Republic of South Africa in a 1995 decision he favored that ruled South Africa's death penalty unconstitutional.From this very point, we come to focus on the issue not domestically, but globally, and can draw serious conclusions about the nature of capital punishment with information from various countries and their subdivisions with very different circumstances surrounding the death penalty.There is a strong argument with plenty of evidence that punishment in general is a great deterrent to crime regardless of how harsh or inhumane it is.Secondly, we are brought to a thorough consideration of the penal and judicial systems, their purpose, and the death penalty being applied therein.


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