Ap World History Change And Continuity Essay Rubric

Ap World History Change And Continuity Essay Rubric-43
updated 12/29/17 APWH EXAM ESSAY REVIEW RESOURCES This page is intended for to help you review the requirements for the APWH SAQ [Short Answer Question], DBQ and LEQ Exam Essays.

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The College Board, in its Rubrics for AP Histories, tells you that the AP history courses are designed to “apprentice” you in the practice of history, emphasizing the development of historical thinking skills as you learn about world history.

To accomplish this, the College Board has come up with nine historical thinking skills that will be evaluated on the AP World History exam.

Content and Sourcing of Primary Sources – This involves the ability to describe, select, and evaluate relevant evidence about the past from many different sources.

When you analyze a source, you should not just think about the content of the source, but you should also look at the interaction between the content and the authorship, vantage point, purpose, audience, format, and historical context of the source.

These three sections make up 60% of the overall AP World History total exam score. You can see clearly that the College Board wants you to use those historical thinking skills on the exam.

SAQs will address one or more of themes of the course.

This course highlights the nature of changes in international frameworks, their causes and consequences, as well as comparisons among major societies.

Periodization forms the central organizing principle for dealing with change and continuity throughout the course.

We will then discuss the five most important of those skills needed to excel on the exam.

We will also arm you with the strategies needed for spotting these skills on the exam, how to use them to analyze a primary source critically, and how you can include them in your own writing.


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