Araby James Joyce Essay

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Araby James Joyce Essay Design Brief Textiles Coursework

As he looks for something to buy his friend's sister, he overhears a banal young salesgirl flirt with two young men.Critical interest in the story has remained intense in recent decades as each story in Dubliners has been closely examined within the context of the volume and as an individual narrative.As the third story, “Araby” is often viewed as an important step between the first two stories—“The Sisters” and “An Encounter”—and the rest of the collection.When the disinterested salesgirl asks him if he needs help, he declines, and he walks through the dark, empty halls, disillusioned with himself and the world around him.Major Themes Each story in Dubliners contains an epiphanic moment toward which the controlled yet seemingly plotless narrative moves.Critical Reception For many decades Dubliners was considered little more than a slight volume of naturalist fiction evoking the repressed social milieu of turn-of-the-century Dublin. [In the following essay, Turaj finds a parallel between “Araby” and Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, maintaining that the two works represent two different stages in Joyce's personal development.] “Araby” is regarded as the story of a boy for whom young love becomes mystical and religious.When critics began to explore the individual stories in the collection, much attention was focused on the symbolism in “Araby,” particularly the religious imagery and the surrounding of the bazaar. It is partly a story of his initiation into love, and it is partly a story of his conversion from orthodox religion.A few critics have detected the theme of Irish nationalism, as Joyce employs Irish legends to indicate the vast discrepancy between the narrator's idealized view of the girl and the harsh reality of the bazaar.Moreover, the theme of the quest is a prevalent one in “Araby,” as the young narrator embarks on a dangerous journey to win the hand of a young maiden.Among the best-known epiphanies is the one that occurs in “Araby,” in which a young boy recognizes the vanity and falsity of ideal, romantic love.It has also been interpreted as a story about a boy's growing alienation with his family, religion, and the world around him.


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