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Earning in different architectural firms ay vary because of changing business conditions.

Earning in different architectural firms ay vary because of changing business conditions.

In 2000, almost half of all architects worked more than 40 hours a week, in comparison to about 1 in 4 workers in all occupations combined.

The field of architecture interests me because I love to draw and it will allow me to express myself in a way that everyone will notice no matter what project I work on.

Architecture interests me the most because it gives me the ability to express my imagination.

The type of education that will prepare me for a Job in architecture is a Professional Degree in Architecture, which must come from one of the 111 schools of architecture tit degree programs accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board “NASA”.

You should also have the ability to work independently or as a team, creativity, computer aided design and drafting “CAD”,and computer literacy (two and three dimensional drafting, and financial management).

All States and the District of Columbia require individuals to be registered before they may call themselves architects.

I also love to work with computers so I will have no problem understanding any of the programs used to draft and draw on the computer with programs such as CAD.

I also like to build models of things that may someday become a building.

The purpose ofthis investigation has been to support the research leg of a project called"smart objects." Smart objects is a collaborative design environment thatimbeds constraints of a design problem into the objects of a formal designsolution. Read More The Triborough Bridge The construction of the Triborough bridge reflected the federal government taking action in New York against the Great Depression, as the bridge was mainly funded by a federal organization created in Roosevelts New Deal the PWA.

The Triborough Bridge was the first and most expensive major effort of the ...


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