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Within the lifetimes of people who are alive today, it will become feasible to alter human nature.

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The ageing caudillo sees the cloning project, which attempts to replicate White Udder, a cow that became legendary for its milk output in the 1980s, as a solution to Cuba's chronic shortage of dairy products ”.

Arguing Future Essays Christian Paradox Thesis

The benefits to Castro of resurrecting the animal, which died 21 years ago, extend well beyond its impact on the milk industry.

At one point Marquis even says that morally permissible abortions would be rare under his argument-unless they occurred early enough in pregnancy when a fetus is not yet a definite “individual.” So, is personhood important to him or not? Is it then wrong to use contraceptives because possible egg and sperm pairs (zygotes) are prevented from having a future like ours?

Marquis says that the immorality of contraception cannot be argued for with his “future-like-ours” analysis because there is no identifiable subject that can suffer this loss.

Therefore, the question of existence is being asked here because it seems as if potential persons (and their futures alike) are only possible things, not actual existing things.

If this is so, then is there really a subject of harm?


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