Argumentative Essay On Religion Vs Science

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Religion is about rules of being good, is about love, it is about faith in other humans et cetera. Science is the “systematic analysis of a sector” and not just measuring in a lab!It is certainly NOT about replacing exact sciences! When we talk about science we typically talk about “exact sciences”, e.g. There are many humanities sciences which recognize things that scientism-lovers would hate to see under the label “science”.Russell tried so hard to set sound foundations for logic and he completely failed. They are not based on anything (no matter what atheists might say to you – just tell them the definition of an “Axiom” again and again) like many people think! And modern science is too materialistic and agnostic to see that. Why then have it so much in estimation when it does not help you at all with the things that matter? Human problems are problems of trust, problems of personal communication. Science is there to provide “models for prediction” not inventions! We may not have a complete quantum theory but the CD-player is working! When the current theories will change, it will still continue to work no matter what! Being human is more about painting and poetry than it is about making microchips… Do not accept anything just because “science says so”. Most of the times people just repeat things they have heard somewhere without knowing any real argument in favor of what they support. (Read Religion and Science unification for more on this) I could add much more arguments but I trust you will read them in the articles in this portal.

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You never go to church to learn at how many degrees the water boils. On the other hand Science is for formulating models for predicting the behavior of physical systems. For example Young’s theories about the collective subconscious are a nice example of someone who is a scientist but does not believe that we are just lifeless set of atoms.

Atheists will try to convince others that Young is not a scientist and that is when you have to remember that science is not only about exact sciences!

Read the related to “dogmatism” and “axioms” articles in this portal for a more in-depth insight on these matters (you would be surprised to know that “time”, the notion of “change” are also dogmas we believe in). EVERY argument has people who do not believe it is logically sound. Many times your friend might argue “but we have cd-players and Internet! In a sense all it takes to win such a debate is to remember that you are human and remind your co-debator that even though science is a useful and important tool in searching for some aspects of the cosmos, anything important that makes us humans has nothing to do with science per se…

If the person you are talking with is too much “stuck” with Logic, then you must tell him that the FOUNDER of Logic, Aristotle, had logical arguments in favor of the existence of a “First Cause” for the cosmos. However REMIND your opponent that Logic is based on axioms.

Even the Interacademy Panel (IAP – Global network of Science Academies) stated those limitations (see here).

Atheist scientism-lovers are too much attached to the “truthness” of science that they cannot see a very simple but very annoying truth: Everything is based on AXIOMS! Scientism addicts cannot stand any mention to “intuition”.

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You will be surpsised on how many things we take for granted! Dialetheism uses another axiom, that “a logical proposition can be BOTH true and false at the same time”! ) For example we see about a dozen parameters of the Universe have a specific value to make it able to sustain life. Another “solution” would be to consider that pure “luck”! [See Religion and Science Unification article for more on that] Accept the thinking of the other person if you want him to accept yours! Both scientists and religious people use intuition. ” will make the other guy stop being so arrogant and start searching on his own for answers.

Mathematical Logic for example is based on the postulate that “a logical proposition is EITHER true or false”. And based on that axiom it has created a whole new WORKING mathematical logic! The most important things in life are your relationship with other people. And what is more, it is important to remember that technology inventions are something different than science! And we would be hypocrits if we denied its very existence… In a way this is one of the few things which defines us as humans. How can it understand why you may cry when you hear a loved song or why you could be thrilled when you see a painting? (science still believes) All in all, people who believe that everything exists for no reason, that random mutation generate new useful information, that consciousness stems from the brain (remember the TV analogy! ), that love is only hormones, that we are just flesh and bones etc, must prove their case. Science and religion are two sides of the same coin, both seeking for the truth but from different perspectives.


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