Arne Naess Deep Ecology Essay

Deep ecology is not normally considered a distinct movement, but as part of the green movement.

They refer to Fritjof Capra's The Tao of Physics and The Turning Point for their characterization of how the new physics leads to metaphysical and ecological views of interrelatedness which according to Capra should make deep ecology a framework for future human societies.

In their book, Devall and Sessions also credit the American poet and social critic Gary Snyder—a man with commitments in Buddhism, Native American studies, the outdoors, and alternative social movements—as a major voice of wisdom in the evolution of their ideas.

Ehrlich and Barry Commoner, together with Frank Fraser Darling, Charles Sutherland Elton, Eugene Odum and Paul Sears.

A further scientific source for deep ecology adduced by Devall and Sessions is the "new physics," which they describe as shattering Descartes's and Newton's vision of the universe as a machine explainable in terms of simple linear cause and effect, and instead providing a view of Nature in constant flux with the idea that observers are separate an illusion.


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