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Please leave a comment if you have successfully used any of these ideas or if you know of more to share.

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If someone appears to be having a problem, I ask them to step to the back of the room and take 5 minutes to get themselves back in control. " My next step at that point is to hand them a pen and paper. Lol" Jeryl Wittenburg Hollingsworth, the Art Teachers Facebook group Below are listed a variety of ideas for discipline assignments designed specifically for and by art teachers.

Yesterday I asked a 6th grader to step to the back. We hope these are helpful for you and your students!

If you have ever seen any empirical research (not just opinion articles) which shows scientific evidence that written discipline assignments are harmful, please contact me. Many teachers give these to students when they need a time-out or a break from the activity.

I have assigned this form to elementary or middle school students when they were disruptive, playing with the art materials, or otherwise not behaving responsibly.

They are not viewed as a "punishment," but as an opportunity for students to calm down and collect their thoughts.

PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports) is a research based, nationally recognized program that encourages this type of written reflection.It is a natural and logical consequence because the child is usually separated from the group in order to think about why his/her behavior is harmful to the learning environment.The child is also required to come up with an alternative way to respond in the future.Click on this link for examples of PBIS reflection sheets and click on this link for one from It can be very effective and developmentally appropriate to require an older child to write a short reflective essay about the choices s/he made and what better decisions could be made in the future. Plant them like popsicle trees (as in child art) perpendicular to line of hill; 3. Problem becomes how can we really get people to look freshly at plants as if they’ve never noticed them before. Arrange them alphabetically like books on a shelf; 2. To the contrary, after 15 years of teaching art I have found writing assignments to be effective in managing student behavior as long as they are used responsibly, especially as a reflective exercise for the student.Written assignments are also valuable as they can potentially serve as documentation for student behavior. This is a written form designed to help students reflect on their behavior. Photograph same thing at various times during the day. Or everyone do their version of the grabag scenario. Make up list of distractions that often occur to you. Document change, decay, metamorphosis, changes occurring in time. Or GRABAG scenario—everyone write 2-3 scenes, drop in box, someone pull out maybe 10 and they are shot in the order drawn out.


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