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In this lesson, we will take a look at a few of Gian Lorenzo Bernini's famous pieces and briefly cover the definition of Baroque style.

Baroque style was born after the Renaissance during the 17th Century.

The baldachin merges both sculpture and architecture together. Gian Lorenzo Bernini was commissioned to build the structure under the orders of Urban VIII. To achieve the ornate texture and details seen on the baldachin, Bernini used the lost-wax method.

The lost-wax method is a labor-intensive casting method that requires a full-scale wax model to be constructed before the molten bronze is poured into the hollow portion of the wax model. Theresa was commissioned by Federigo Cardinal Cornaro between 16.

Gian Lorenzo Bernini was the definition of childhood genius.

He was “recognized as a prodigy when he was only eight years old, [and] he was consistently encouraged by his father, Pietro.The sculpture was inspired by a mystical episode that happened to cloistered nun Teresa of Avila. To the left and right of the central piece are busts of the Cornaro family.Unlike many of his larger commissions, Bernini sculpted Neptune with Dolphin as a tabletop sculpture.Several extant works, dating from circa 1615-20, are by general scholarly consensus, collaborative efforts by both father and son: they include the Faun Teased by Putti (c.1615, Metropolitan Museum, NYC), Boy with a Dragon (c.1616-17, Getty Museum, Los Angeles), the Aldobrandini Four Seasons (c.1620, private collection), and the recently discovered Bust of the Savior (1615-16, New York, private collection).Baroque architecture stepped away from the straight lines of the Renaissance and used elegant curves, oversized dome roofs, and careful attention to light within the interior of the structures. The baldachin is made of bronze and features twisting columns and four angels perched atop the top of the altar.The baldachin is considered the first true example of Baroque art.Roughly 22 inches tall and sculpted from bronze, the sculpture features Neptune, the Roman god of the sea standing over a dolphin on the ocean.Movement is created through the tousled look in Neptune's hair and the cascading appearance of the water.


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