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Under no circumstances one would look twice upon the same bed like My Bed by Emin, standing next to the garbage bin on one of the British streets or thought of Sherman’s work Untitled No.151 from Witches and Wicked Bodies exhibition as nothing more but an interesting photograph taken probably before the Halloween party....

Cnaletto has given a peep whole view of the Piazza San Marco.

Acording to ( Suruchi,2012)“Typical of Canaletto’s style a higher vantage point is used to the view.

His paintings are known for accuracy and he painted as blobs of colors to obscure objects.

H painted canals of Venice and Doge’s palace in coveted manner.

[tags: Art History] - What does the term New Media mean and how has it affected the study of Art History during its growth in the last six years.

New Media means many things to many people but simply put, it’s an open to semi-open community for interactive dialog and relationships.Canaletto depicted the fewer arcades and windows in the paining from a smaller angle.Te painter has shifted the two flag poles have been moved to the middle of the piazza and spaced out.Te painting gives a sea scape in the sky and one can sense claustrophobia in his work. Te canvas has a surprisingly atmospheric effect as he creates a fantastical space and theatrical feel which is full of suggesting that everything is alive and immediate.Te painting has a lively atmosphere and is graceful and romantic.H also manipulates the shadow in order to achieve a sense of depth in his composition.Te view of San Marco by Guardi is presented on a wider canvas to give the San Marco a broader dimension.The eyes serve a much higher purpose than to view an object, the absorptions of electromagnetic waves allows for one to endeavor on a journey and enter a world of no limitation.During the 15th century, specifically the Early Renaissance, Flemish altarpieces swept Europe with their strong attention to details....“[New] media […] is increasingly more a site of coordination, because groups that see or hear or watch or listen to something [that “something” in particular to this essay, is Art History] can now gather.” (Shirky) The New Media has become a type of social communications tool, used in the ever-evolving world of the Internet....[tags: Art History] - In practice the “white cube” (the white-walled gallery display prevalent in galleries of modern art) renders viewer unaware of the influence that it inflicts upon his/hers perception of what consist a modern art.


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