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They are trained to work as private practitioners and as part of treatment teams in psychiatric outpatient and inpatient programs, hospitals and community health centers, veterans' health facilities, rehabilitation programs, schools, hospices, and many other settings.

Sarah Lentini president and CEO of Greece Regional Chamber of Commerce and David Perotto is president and CEO of Bartolomeo & Perotto Funeral Home, which launched The Art of Healing, an art therapy program, in the Spring.

Department Contact Information Department of Creative Art Therapies Art Therapy Program Georgia College College of Health Sciences Campus Box 67 Milledgeville, GA 31061 Phone: 478-445-2645 Fax: 478-445-4532 Program Coordinator: Carrie Elder Faculty: Carrie Elder, Nancy Morales, Joselyn Spence Overview The Master of Arts in Art Therapy is an innovative program in the creative arts at Georgia College, the first implemented in Georgia.

In addition, the very nature of good art is beautifully aligned with the very essence of good therapy: Both move in the realm of the unconscious mind.

It is the ability of art to tap into unconscious, unstated thoughts and feelings that gives it exceptional effectiveness as a therapeutic tool.

The role of art and creativity in helping us to heal is centuries old.

Creation is a natural counterbalance in our lives, giving us ballast and hope — purpose and meaning — in a world that can only too easily and too often be shattered by trauma and loss.

Art functions as a universal metaphoric language, enabling even a very young child to communicate.

Music, theater, dance, literature, and — of course — visual art utilize tone, shape, color, size, juxtapositionand symbol to less directly but often even more powerfully indicate an individual’s inner state of being.

The program's purpose is to provide comprehensive art therapy education, to develop astute clinicians, scholars, teachers, and leaders; to acquire skills and knowledge to work in a variety of settings; and foster transformative learning with a commitment to global, social and cultural advancement.

Health care employment opportunities in the expressive arts such as art therapy are predicted to continue to grow.


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