Art Therapy Assignments

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Now 30 years later, my friend has never developed alcoholism.

The gift of being able to see yourself, as others see you, without judgment, is profound and possibly one of the most powerful interventions of future problems.

Using the force of image in art therapy provides us the ability to see from outside in and inside out.

All of us are bombarded by media images on a daily and possibly hourly basis, so much so that it seems to have undermined our ability to form an internal screen of original and personal imagery.

Making one painting of all of the consequences intervenes upon compartmentalization, the inability to connect linking causal events.

In some circles this function, linking causality and seeing parts as a whole, is referred to as a Gestalt.

Some clients decline to engage in art-making altogether. I am here to help you find what you already know, and put it into action so you can be your best self.

I especially enjoy helping people work through self-esteem, identity, life-stage transitions, gender identity/LGBTQIA issues, depression, and creative dry spells.

I say this because a drawing class teaches you how to see reality as it is, instead of stereotypical assumptions of reality. She was not alcoholic and she was not truly drinking more than her sorority peers.

She described an evening at a party off campus, as if she had been the belle of the ball.


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