As Media Studies Coursework Evaluation

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Another thing most of them are wearing is trainers. This is because, the point of it is to look fully dressed and intimidating and flip-flops or sandals just don’t fit in that category.

Through the use of mis en scene i was able to meet the likes of my target audience.

This knowledge could be things like different props that once they are put on, it’s dead easy to know what genre it’s coming from.

My magazine offers to the readers a wide variety of contents and pictures without looking too clustered because Hip-Hop magazines are meant to look organised and sophisticated as the target audience is mature.

My product has represented my target audience as I’ve made it to follow all the stereotypical values of the TA.

Hip-Hop people don’t smile, the best they can do is smirk.

Also,tone and register would fall under the category of slang.


These are other examples of a typical Hip-Hop contents page.

It normally has just one picture on the page then the contents down the side.


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