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Recall the macro that you created using relative references.The macro arranges the data given in one column into a table to facilitate data analysis. Just repeat the mouse clicks to run the macro several times and you are done with the task of arranging the data into a table in a matter of a few seconds.

For example, the macros that you have created for absolute references and relative references.

Then, it would be easy for you if you can run the macro using a mouse click.

Now, our button will be placed in Quick Access Toolbar.

Suppose you have created a macro that you need to execute several times.

Range(Cells(Two Down, 10), Cells(Two Down, 10)) Set btn2 = Active Sheet.

Screen Updating = True ' Code added to protect the buttons. Protect Drawing Objects:=True, Contents:=False, Scenarios:=False, _ Allow Formatting Cells:=False, Allow Formatting Columns:=False, _ Allow Formatting Rows:=False, Allow Inserting Columns:=False, _ Allow Inserting Rows:=False, _ Allow Inserting Hyperlinks:=False, Allow Deleting Columns:=False, _ Allow Deleting Rows:=False, Allow Sorting:=False, Allow Filtering:=False, _ Allow Using Pivot Tables:=False Next ws End Sub Sub btn F() ' ' Macro: btn F (aka Module32F) ' Purpose: Sort race details in field order (horse number). I've written a macro that creates two buttons on each worksheet in a workbook. This works fine, however, if I want to share this workbook with others, I have to export the 2 sort macros (i. ), and the user has to import the two macros into their PERSONAL. I have created two separate variables that contain the macro code for each sort but these will not/does not run from the Sub Add Sort Buttons1Point2() ' ' Macro: Add Sort Buttons1Point2 ' Purpose: Used to add sort button to each worksheet in the workbook. Each button runs a sort macro that sorts a specific range in each worksheet. ' ' 1 - Sort Race Details by Field Order ' 2 - Sort Race Details by TD Rating ' Dim ws As Worksheet Dim btn1 As Button Dim btn2 As Button Dim Next Free As Integer Dim Two Down As Integer Dim Next Free F As Integer Dim Next Free TD As Integer Dim t1 As Range Dim t2 As Range For Each ws In Sheets ' Select all worksheets in workbook. Select End Sub Sub btn TD() ' ' Macro: btn TD (aka Module3TD) ' Purpose: Sort race details by TD Rating. Row Next Free TD = Next Free TD - 1 Range("B" & Next Free TD). Take a moment to create a button for the Hello World macro you created earlier. 5Assign Macro dialog box activates and asks you to assign a macro to this shape. Select the macro you want to assign to the shape, in this case, we select Hello World, and then click OK.You can edit the text of the button after you dismiss the dialog, or right click on the button any time.You can assign a macro to any of the Forms toolbar controls.You can insert a shape in your worksheet that is in a meaningful form with self-explanatory text, which when clicked runs the macro assigned to it. You can insert a graphic in the worksheet and assign a macro to it. For example, you can have a graphic of table representing that the macro will arrange the data into a table.The rest of the steps are the same as those of shape given in the previous section.


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