Assigning Drive Letters

Assigning Drive Letters-73
If you’d like to assign a static letter to a drive that’s the same every time you plug it in, read on.

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In Windows 7, 8, or 10, click Start, type “create and format,” and then click “Create and format hard disk partitions.” Don’t worry.

You’re not going to be formatting or creating anything.

When assigning your drive letter, make sure to choose a letter toward the end of the alphabet list.

For example, X, Y, or Z — otherwise Windows has the tendency to eventually assign a different letter.

Windows will assign drive letters to external flash drives, SD cards, and other removable storage devices dynamically as you plug them in.

If you use a lot of different external storage devices throughout the day, having different letters assigned each time can become annoying and make things feel unorganized.

Then open the Run dialog (Windows Key R) and type: .2.

Once that’s open, choose Disk Management in the left pane under Storage.

In order to organize your computer hard drives, sometimes changing and assigning a specific drive letter to your drives or external devices can be helpful.

If you use multiple USB drives, you’ve probably noticed that the drive letter can be different each time you plug one in.


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