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For example, c might be early-morning which applies to variable m1 (v) and the value assigned to m1 might be mon 10am.Let costc be the cost function for the constraint (defined above).

For example, c might be early-morning which applies to variable m1 (v) and the value assigned to m1 might be mon 10am.Let costc be the cost function for the constraint (defined above).

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Constitutional supercooling is experienced in case of (a) pure metals (b) alloys with large freezing range (c) alloys with eutectic composition (d) pure metals having large melting temperature7.

Centreline feeding resistance (CFR) means ratio of time of solidification (a) Of whole casting to that at mould walls (b) At mould Centre line of casting to that at mould walls of casting (c) At mould Centre line of casting to total solidification time of casting (d) At mould wall to that at mould centerline of casting8.

If CFR value is high, it means that (a) Material is difficult to be fed (b) Material can be fed easily (c) Material is of eutectic composition (d) Material is a pure metal9. Duration of time between start and finish of solidification lines, in case of sand mould as compared to metal mould will be (a) More (b) Les (c) Equal (d) Cannot be said10. At 690o C, free energy of molten aluminium with respect to free energy of aluminium in solid state is (a) Larger (b) Smaller (c) Equal (d) Can't be said11.

Match the items in two columns provided below:(A) Degree of (i) Should be negative for transformation to takeundercooling place(B) Free energy change (ii) Portion of the cooling curve when metal is(C) Rate of nucleation getting solidified by losing latent heat of fusion.(D) Thermal arrest (iii) Decrease in temperature below melting/equilibrium temperature (iv) Determine the rate of formation of new self- organized structure(a) A-i, B-ii, C-iii, D-iv(b) A-iii, B-i, C-iv, D-ii(c) A-i, B-iv, C-iii, D-ii(d) A-i, B-iii, C-ii, D-iv12.

COMP9414: Artificial Intelligence Assignment 1: Constraint Optimization Due Date: Week 5, Saturday, July 6, p.m.

Value: 15% This assignment concerns developing optimal solutions to a scheduling problem inspired by the scenario of hosting a number of visitors to an organization such as a university department.The search will use a priority queue ordered by the values of the heuristic function that give a cost for each node in the search.The heuristic function for use in this assignment is defined below. each state is a CSP with variables, domains and the same constraints (and a cost estimate).A CSP for this assignment is a set of variables representing meetings, binary constraints on pairs of meetings, and unary constraints (hard or soft) on meetings.The domains are all working hours in one week, and meetings are all assumed to be 1 hour duration.However, unlike the greedy search algorithm described in the lectures on search, this greedy algorithm has the property that it is guaranteed to find an optimal solution for any problem (if a solution exists).You must use the AIPython code for constraint satisfaction and search to develop a greedy search method that uses costs to guide the search, as in heuristic search. Which property of a material is used for Casting it into a desired shape (a) Strength (b) Fluidity (c) Ductility (d) Formability2.The line graph that represents change of phase of matter from liquid to solid is (a) Cooling curve (b) Melting curve (c) Solid curve (d) Fusion line3.Days are represented (in the input and output) as strings ‘mon’, ‘tue’, ‘wed’, ‘thu’ and ‘fri’, and times are represented as strings ‘9am’, ‘10am’, ‘11am’, ‘12pm’, ‘1pm’, ‘2pm’, ‘3pm’ and ‘4pm’.The only possible values are a combination of a day and time, e.g. Each meeting name is a string (with no spaces), and each constraint is hard or soft.


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