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Finally, secured creditors generally support an ABC if they believe that the budget for the process is reasonable (less than alternatives) and that the assignee will return proceeds in a timely manner post-ABC after investigating and validating the creditors’ secured position.

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The state law under which an ABC occurs should generally be the state of the company’s incorporation, the state in which it is domiciled, or the state where it has a substantial portion of its assets or business. It is not a process by which a company can reorganize, obtain a discharge, or otherwise emerge from insolvency.The following are examples of fact patterns involving companies that could be a good fit for an ABC: As in most insolvency proceedings, a lack of liquidity and an increasingly upside-down balance sheet eventually force a company to confront the reality of its financial condition.Key factors that drive a company to consider an ABC typically include: There are many other potential causes that may drive an ABC, but a lack of liquidity and strategic options is the overarching theme.There are three types of assignments identified by their limitations and purposes: An assignment means the property is no longer under the control of the debtor, but under the control of an assignee appointed by a state court.The assignee is considered a trustee whose duties and responsibilities to a debtor’s creditors are the same as those of a trustee to the beneficiaries of a trust.If a company is venture-backed, it may be required to seek specific consent from both preferred and common shareholders.It is possible to enter publicly traded companies into an ABC; however, the shareholder proxy process increases the difficulty of effectuating the ABC and results in a much longer pre-ABC planning process.The necessary percentage of shareholders who must consent is governed by a company’s corporate governance documents.An assignee generally relies on the corporate counsel of the assignor to clarify the required shareholder percentages as part of the vetting process to confirm proper effectuation of an ABC.Thus, the company’s board of directors, officers, and investors need to accept that their control over the company and its assets will cease following commencement of an ABC.In addition, shareholder equity will have no value unless there is money left to distribute after the costs of the ABC are funded and all creditors have been paid in full.


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