Attack Siegfried Sassoon Essays

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This conveys the message that soldiers are not happy or proud to be in the war.

On the contrary, Brooke uses personification; “gives somewhere back the thoughts by England given” which helps to convey the message that he is proud to be in the war.

It is really heart breaking that society blames God or Religion for things that go wrong, instead of taking responsibility for their own actions and decisions.

I am writing this essay on the 12 year anniversary of 911, and I cannot help to think about all the innocent people that have died and have been injured in the attack.

In the second line of ‘Anthem for Doomed Youth’ it uses personification by quoting ‘ anger of the guns’.

Its personification because it is giving guns a human form ‘anger’.

The essay is to compare Attack and Anthem For Doomed Youth.

In both poems the poet has described life in the World War 1 but at different stages.

“WE’D gained our first objective hours before”, is the first line in “Counter Attack”.

The personal pro noun “WE’D” is emphasised in the poem telling the reader that THEY (him and the soldiers) have accomplished their objective and could imply that the generals or people in higher command have not.


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