Autobiography Of A Watch Essay

Major goals I am working for right now are finishing high school and college and getting a good job.I hope to go to a good college and study to be a doctor.I spend my time on weekends going over to someone’s house or someone coming to my house.

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My mom is strict, hardworking, intelligent, nice, fun, interesting, pretty, tall, terrific and thoughtful.

My sister, Cari, is soft-spoken, bossy, nosey, hardworking, caring, nice, intelligent, sleepy, curious and boring.

A year later my sister was born and I got to feed her just a few hours after she was born.

While my mother stayed in the hospital I stayed at my grandparent’s house. I found four new friends who lived nearby and their names were Grady, Scott, Josh, and Charissa.

3/22/88My life began when I was born at approximately am on [birth date here].

Autobiography Of A Watch Essay

I was born in Tucson, Arizona at [hospital in Tucson]. Actually, the horse belonged to my data but I considered it my horse too.At birth, I weighed 6 pounds, 4 ounces and was 19 inches in length. Some of my favorite toys when I was young were my musical mobile and my pet, Neal (a stuffed animal frog). At my first birthday some on my friends were invited and had a nice time.My friend, Scott and I decided to try eating the candles first before the cake and we didn’t do so good.Growing Pains and Cheers are also wonderful because of the laughter.I love the way Ted Danson tries to get a date with anyone.Ten words best describing me are probably thoughtful, enjoyable, fun, intelligent, curious, interesting, short, nosey, naive, and independent.My dad is hardworking, quiet, naive, nice, fun, tired, enjoyable, forgetful, caring and great.While I was there I went bike riding with my grandfather and my foot accidentally got caught in the spokes, so I ended up going to the doctor too. I had many other friends at school and I enjoyed school very much.When i was five, we moved to Peoria, Arizona into our new house. In the middle of first grade we moved to Mahwah, New Jersey.I feel that I am fair to all my friends and trustworthy also.I know that I am not bossy and I hope I’m not a pain in the neck.


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