Bach Essays On His Life And Music

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Many composers have identified Bach’s style as an influential factor in the development of their own musical language.The milestones of Bach research—such as the biographies Forkel (see David and Mendel 1998, cited under Historical and Biographical Documents) and Spitta 1951 (cited under Biographies), the Bach-Jahrbuch (see Journals and Serial Publications), the Bach-Gesellschaft edition (1851–1900), and the Neue Bach-Ausgabe (cited under Music Editions)—have mirrored the development of the field of musicology as a whole.Linked by a family tree which clarifies the genealogy of this complex family, each of the major figures is covered in a separate chapter with a review of the composer's life and works, complemented by a thorough work-list, bibliography, and index.

If so, you might listen the most exciting from the music works of Johann Sebastian Bach in quick five minutes.

Johann Sebastian Bach did many things that contribute to our society today. He is a hero because he worked to support a total of twenty kids, he had strong religious beliefs and, most importantly, he devoted his life to music. With his first wife, he had seven children and, with his second, thirteen. To get enough money he had to constantly move his family. He was a Lutheran and spent most of his life working at churches.

Johann Sebastian Bach was born into a musical family.

Orphaned before he turned 10 years old, he was looked after by his eldest brother, an organist who gave him his first keyboard lessons.

At the churches he worked for, he mainly composed music and was the organist. Because of this, we can credit Bach for many songs in the Lutheran hymnal.

Bach Essays On His Life And Music

Bach wrote over 100 pieces for a variety of instruments, most of which have instrumental parts for at least five instruments.

For general background on Bach and his time, see the separate Oxford Bibliographies article Baroque Music.

An excellent starting place for Bach’s life and works is Wolff and Emery’s article in the venerable Grove Music Online. Boyd 1999, cited under Reference Works, also has entries succinctly overviewing Bach’s life and music.

Johann Sebastian Bach is widely regarded as one of the greatest composers in the history of European art music. Bach’s compositional legacy includes examples in all major genres of the time except opera: nearly two hundred church cantatas; approximately two dozen secular cantatas; a handful of motets; the B-Minor Mass and some shorter works with Latin texts; the St. John Passions; the Christmas, Easter, and Ascension Oratorios; a large body of organ music (including works based on chorales); many important harpsichord works (e.g., Two- and Three-Part Inventions, English and French Suites, Well-Tempered Clavier, Italian Concerto, Goldberg Variations); chamber music; concertos (including the popular Brandenburg Concertos); the Musical Offering; and The Art of Fugue.

1750), Bach ranked among the foremost musicians in Germany; he was active as organist, teacher, director, instrument technician, and composer.


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