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How corporate governance is different from conventional banking and Islamic banking How Islamic banks can help in Economic Development Islamic banking experiences : A country comparative analysis or study Islamic Banking in the …….(country): Opportunities and threats Islamic Banking Theories and Practices : country analysis Islamic banking windows/ system into Conventional Banking Systems Islamic Finance: As an alternative social responsible and ethical investing.

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S.) program in Banking and Finance is designed to equip graduate students with specialized analytical skills applicable to their professional interests in corporate finance, investment appraisal/cost-benefit analysis, project finance, financial risk management, commercial and investment banking, international finance, and financial economics. With thesis option, students take four core courses plus three elective courses and a master’s thesis.

degree in Banking and Finance in two ways: With thesis or non-thesis option.

There are lot of research articles, book and websites on Islamic finance field.

The web can used by the students as main source of information as it have most of the libraries and periodicals or at least they have abstract of the research done.

The topic selection should happen on random basis as it will lead to problems in collecting information in that area.

The Islamic Finance students should spend time in researching journal, books, articles, news papers, essays, web and other written materials for information search in their chosen areas.

These proposal includes the marketing, information technology , strategic management, human resource management and contemporary thoughts.

The author expects contribution from the researchers and students for preparation of dissertation or thesis topic selection( These just sample can be modified as per user requirements) Topics Islamic banking Islamic Financial Instruments Islamic Financial Instruments development The role of Sharia’a boards in Islamic financial instrument development The sources of uses of funds in Islamic banks Islamic banking product to help the international trade Compare the customer deposits between Islamic and conventional bank Murabaha or Ijara : The best financing Mudaraba or Musharaka : The best equity financing Cooperation with….

The students have to select several dissertation topics in their research area out of them, they will have to look for best suitable topic based on interest and selection criteria.

The dissertation should be current and contemporary which will make the reader interested and find no problems in understanding the context.


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