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As you go through Steps 2-4, you'll build your self-efficacy and become even more likely to succeed.2. Once you figure out your inner motives and the external incentives that are driving your bad habits, you'll go a long way toward changing them.

Take a good hard look at the situations that lead you to commit your bad habit.

Now you've gotten some attention for your movie-star like dramatic entrance.

By figuring out what's causing the bad habit, you can also work on deciding how to manipulate the outcomes of your behavior. Does that fried food just taste too good to give up? Even Bill Clinton, a well-known gourmand in his younger days, says he feels better than ever on his new vegan diet.3.

Whether it's being chronically late, tapping your feet, chewing gum too loudly, eating sloppily, oversharing on Facebook, or eating junk food, a bad habit can impede your happiness, health, and social relationships.

The key to overcoming bad habits is, first, to develop some insight into their origins.People who care about you can give you the mirror you need to see your problematic behaviors for what they are.Once you've decided you want to change, convince yourself that you are able to achieve your change goals.You can only change what you decide you want to change.All psychological models of change emphasize the importance of commitment as a necessary first step.You might want to start by keeping a log of your bad habits- how often you've been late, overeaten, smoked, lied, or drank to excess, for example.To help motivate yourself, a frank conversation with the people closest to you may prove valuable.Other bad habits have life-shortening consequences: To change some bad habits may require professional help, but understanding the basic principles of behavior change can give you a head start on the process:1.Decide that you really want to change and convince yourself that you can.Take the outcomes that are reinforcing the bad habit (attention, pleasure, excitement) and then use them to reward you for the behavior you want to acquire. Set reasonable goals at first Your bad habits have taken years to establish themselves. Decide on a realistic schedule that will work for you based on goals that you believe you can meet.Overcoming your sedentary lifestyle is a good example of how you can proceed through this step.


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