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"The question of the superiority of various styles was often the subject of heated debate" ("Baroque: Musical Context," the Essentials of Music, 2008).New instrumental forms also developed during this period, like the sonata which was to gain even more popularity during the Classical era.

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There may be a pause or an extreme, even jarring change of mood, tempo, or melody.

"The emphasis on contrast (of texture, pace, volume etc.) in the music of the earlier Baroque, as compared with that of the late Renaissance, is also a distinguishing characteristic," (Sadie, "Baroque," 1994).

And new instruments developed, giving musical sounds greater richness and tone.

All instruments gained new importance, particularly the violin in the orchestra.

full-color facsimile ISBN 978-0-917860-65-2 ISMN 979-0-800031-00-7 Available at The Shop at The Collection for $110 The book features a full-color facsimile of an 18th-century illustrated collection of songs, which the Ursuline convent received in 1754 and has never before been published.

The Ursuline Sisters were the first Catholic nuns to arrive in the New World and were among the earliest European settlers of Louisiana.Women and the Catholic faithful were the intended audience for these compositions, the idea being that devotional texts would allow them to enjoy the pleasures of current music without compromising their virtue.“This document provides an unprecedented look behind the walls of the Ursuline convent and school,” said Molly Reid, project editor for the book.Arrangements of Baroque compositions reflect "the belief in the doctrine of the affections" or the need for purity and distinction between unlike systems (Sadie, "Baroque," 1996).Simply put in musical terms, this means that different 'movements' are quite evident in Baroque compositions.Leisure was now possible for a larger segment of society outside of a purely religious context ("Baroque: Musical Context," the Essentials of Music, 2008).The different musical styles of the nations of Italy, France and Germany became more marked, and traditional folkloric styles were often elevate to high art during this period -- many orchestral pieces have their origins dance rhythms and songs.The period also saw greater attention to new forms, such as the narrative blend of music and drama in the form of the opera and oratorio.The contrasting characters and songs of operas and oratorios like the "Messiah" were ideal for the Baroque periodization of the style, and these forms allowed composers to focus on creating impressive stage effects and impressive, ornate sounding music.“These women and girls, far from home in a new environment, were able to enjoy the pleasures of popular music and the connection to their homeland because of these songs.” Accompanied by five scholarly essays—including four in English and one in French— offers a rare look at New Orleans’s earliest days and culture.“This treasured collection, preserved for more than 250 years, offers a direct line to colonial Louisiana,” said Priscilla Lawrence, executive director of The Collection.


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