Bboy Thesis Vs

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He provided opportunities for dancers to showcase their talents by producing events, promoting the dance through his business, and more.

I didn’t know him personally but I sure benefited from his contributions to the culture.

Although, if a b-boy is similar to another, they should have similar rating ratios and charts.

For instance, Pocket, who has physically mind-boggling moves like Tata does, should have a similarly high Body to Mind/Soul ratio.

Think of it like a video game character’s stats, which suggest certain strengths and weaknesses, but don’t fully dictate how you play the game, or how well you play it.

Just as a beginner playing the best team in FIFA will lose to a pro playing the worst team, a b-boy with great moves/ideas/personality will lose if they can’t properly apply those moves/ideas/personality.At the same time, there are general aspects of the dance that individual dancers can choose to focus on, whether those are types of moves or conceptual philosophies.I attempted to create a full list of these aspects and failed miserably.Dancing games are always a big hit at the end of class. The benefits of taking this class is increased motor skills, flexibility, balance, rhythm, memory and strength while having fun, playing games and making new friends!Students will learn and drill the foundation of Breakin; Top Rocks, Drops, Footwork and Freezes.Each breaker practices these components to varying degrees.So, logically, we may differentiate and group breakers by those same components.As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions or feedback.Follow me on Instagram @glissando for the latest updates, and please share to spread the knowledge. One of the classic dichotomies in breaking is that of “power vs. styleheads.” Every aspiring breaker that considers this debate eventually realizes that the categorization is faulty.Power and style, as concepts, are not restricted to specific techniques, and are certainly not mutually exclusive.


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