Benefits Watching Television Essay

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Although still, there is no significant evidence that suggests television as part of their everyday lives to learn new things in life.

Negative Effects of Television Violence is one of the primarily negative effects of television among children.

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Children in the 21 century are now exposed in the television screens and we cannot prevent that.

They are treated by the researchers and policy makers as a “special audience” due they are in process to learn things from the screen (Potter, 2008).

Watching television has positive effects (which include enhance learning skills and recognize emotions) and negative effects (includes violence, behave aggressively and lead to emotional problems) among children Introduction Technology makes our life easy and it becomes a part of our lives everywhere, anywhere.

Before the growth of the technology being rampant, there is a first major source of innovation in technology and that is the television.

Also, they are not yet mature to select a show appropriate to them.

So that, as more and more children tempt to watch, the more they see something wrong or something right depending on the content of the program they watch.


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