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This style for writing an intro is exactly as it sounds: it funnels from broad to specific.

The funneling method starts broadly and then narrows down the time/place, any relevant key terms or historical information and then gives the reader your main point, or thesis statement.

Sometimes, the beginning isn’t the best place to start—at least when it comes to writing essays.

Composing a great first paragraph is important, but tackling it before your ideas are fully formed can lead to trouble. Instead, put it on the fast track to success with these four tips for writing compelling introductory paragraphs: Maybe you have the perfect anecdote in mind for your introduction, or maybe you’re experiencing the anguish of a stubbornly blank computer screen.

The subject matter of each sentence therefore gets more specific as you go.

If you're curious about how long your introduction should be, the rule of thumb is that it should be 20% of your total paper.So, a five page essay should have an introduction that is roughly one page.Anything less than 5 pages should not be more than 1 paragraph.Consider this example: Original draft: The residents of the island of Puerto Rico have been U. citizens for 100 years, yet they do not have the right to cast their votes for the nation’s president every four years. state would help to stabilize the island’s dire financial situation while benefiting the nation as a whole, both in terms of the economy and the culture.Twice in the past five years, people who voted in elections in the Caribbean territory have favored the idea of statehood, yet a deep divide remains over what is the right course of action. (104 words) After editing: Puerto Ricans have been U. citizens for 100 years, yet they do not have the right to vote for their nation’s president. state would help to stabilize the island’s economy, while benefiting the nation as a whole financially and culturally.Exactly how it's written or what needs to be in there heavily depends on the length of the essay and type.But the sample essay introduction paragraphs showed should be enough guidance to get you going in the right direction.To keep your writing focused, select a length for your introduction and stick to it when you draft your essay. This will depend on the total length of your paper and the essay type.For essays that are longer than ten pages, you will most likely need a longer introduction paragraph to fully introduce your topic.If you are writing an essay that is shorter than five pages and that is introducing a very simple subject, it is better to limit your introduction to half of a double-spaced page.Once you have decided on your paragraph length, you can organize your paragraph so that it fits within the selected parameters.


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