Bilateral Prothesis

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She was then able to recommend a good bra that would help support my large, healthy breast while fitting the prosthetic comfortably. The shop directly billed my insurance company so I just had to pay my copay.

Later, I brought a non-mastectomy bra that I liked, and the seamstress sewed a pocket into the bra so I could wear it with my prosthetic.

Breast forms can also be made with an artificial nipple or a special shape, depending on a woman's preferences.

Andrea: After weighing the options with my breast surgeon and medical oncologist, I decided to only have a single mastectomy.

For Andrea Zinn, who was diagnosed with stage IIIB breast cancer in her right breast at age 32, the answer was wearing a breast prosthesis or artificial breast form. They can be made from several different types of materials, such as silicone gel, foam, or fiberfill, to create something that has a similar weight and feel to a natural breast.

Bilateral Prothesis

Some breast forms adhere directly to the chest area, while others fit into special bra pockets that help hold the prosthesis in place.

Learn more ⇾ With more than 100 years of combined experience, direct access to prosthetic component manufacturers and active participation in advanced research, our clinical team is the best in the world at combining the latest technologies and techniques to maximize each patient’s rehabilitation.

Bilateral prosthetic users might have more of an obstacle in transitioning to utilizing their types of prosthetic legs.

I remember going to a fitting with her after her surgery and seeing how comfortable she was with her prosthetic. It helped me decide not to pursue additional surgery.

Andrea: The process reminded me of being fitted for a bra.


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