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A force that included tanks and machine guns eventually dispersed them.General Douglas Mac Arthur led the operation, with Major Dwight Eisenhower and Major George Patton playing supporting roles.Androstenedione and testosterone, hormones that stimulate libido, were three to five times higher than normal.

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He described it as a “physioneurosis.” By using the word “physio” in his description, he pointed to the physical basis of PTSD. Congress had promised bonuses to WWI veterans to compensate them for wages lost while in military service.

Yet the army, and society, didn’t want to deal with PTSD after the need for soldiers was over, and the wave of sympathy and attention subsided once more. Congress and the president clashed repeatedly on how and when to pay them.

Again, his work was forgotten after the war until the 1990s when new studies of EMDR demonstrated the link between eye movements and PTSD.

Research shows that EMDR cures most cases of PTSD in 4-10 treatment sessions (Bisson, Roberts, Andrew, Cooper, & Lewis, 2013). Clinicians working with veterans with PTSD have been struck by their lack of physical coordination.

War had clearly changed many combatants and, for the first time, society gave their malady a name.

It was called “soldier’s heart” or what we would today call PTSD.There are now thousands of studies of PTSD and of treatments for the condition, and they paint a disturbing yet hopeful picture.They show the profound disruption in brain and body function produced by trauma.Yet as the memory of each conflict faded in public awareness, the wave passed, and the experiences of traumatized people faded into the background of our collective consciousness. Psychoanalyst Abram Kardiner (1941) wrote a report about the symptoms of soldiers called The Traumatic Neuroses of War.He observed that even people who had been highly functional before combat were now dissociated from their bodies and their emotions.I’ve been struck by how comprehensively PTSD affects the body as well as the mind.I’d like to share five of the physical signs of PTSD with you, because you may recognize them in yourself, your loved ones, or your friends.In 1932, at the depths of the Great Depression, about 20,000 destitute veterans and their family members converged on Washington DC in an effort to pressure the government into paying their long-delayed bonuses.They set up a shantytown and became increasingly insistent in their demands.They had high levels of obesity, major illness, depression, dissociation, and self-mutilation.Another study followed children for 30 years, all the way into adulthood (Sroufe, Egeland, Carlson, & Collins, 2010).


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