Bonjour Tristesse Essay

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Thanks so much I'm doing Edexcel A2 but I think AQA study this text also Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me.

I'm studying A2 French early and because I'm under 18 I cannot study the same film as the rest of my class so am self studying Bonjour tristesse.

Anne tries to control cecile and make her work harder - which she hates. She finds elsa living with a Spanish guywho she met at a casino and she convinces elsa that anne is a horrible woman (this isn't true- anne just wants whats best for cecile but cecile doesn't want to be controlled) then elsa pretends to be dating Cyril and cecile tells her dad that elsa is dating a younger guy Cyril.

She doesn't want to be controlled and she starts to notice that her dad is listening to anne as well. He proposes to her and they're rolling around on the floor when anne discovers then and forbids cecile from seeing her boyfriend anymore. she knows her dad will hate this because Cyril is a younger man and has now had his daughter and his ex mistress so he wants to prove he can get elsa back.

Their relationship is upended when Anne, a mature and cultured friend of Raymond’s late wife, arrives at the villa.

Raymond quickly falls for her, and Cécile worries that their way of life will be disrupted.

Later that evening she finds out that anne's car had gone off a cliff edge overlooking the sea and she died.

Cecile is wracked with guilt and sadness - "Bonjour tristesse" this leaves the audience wondering if Anne did it on purpose or if it was just a tragic accident. It helps to make nots out of the book to back up your points if you're writing an essay.

Raymmond has a new misstress every 6 months and cecile likes it that way because it means that SHE is the main woman in her dads life.

She sees him as her best friend as opposed to her father; he is so chilled all the time that he has no real control over her. One day cecile is lying on the beach when a man goes past on a dingy or like a small boat and it capsizes so she swims out and helps him.


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