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Though he was born a slave, he got a good education and found an important calling, and he helped other blacks improve their lives despite discriminatory laws.He believed that personal responsibility and a spirit of enterprise were crucial.

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The most outstanding part of Hampton was the 33-yeard-old founder Samuel Chapman Armstong who set an inspiring example for integrity, responsibility and enterprise.

Then he got a job as a servant with Louis Ruffner and his wife Viola. He walked the rest of the way, occasionally getting rides on passing wagons.

He reached Richmond broke, so he had to sleep under an elevated sidewalk.

Washington did everything he could to cultivate the goodwill of the white majority which controlled legislatures, courts, businesses, newspapers, universities and other institutions. Du Bois for not adopting confrontational tactics against racial segregation.

He was severely criticized by Northern black intellectuals like W. Historian Page Smith offered this perspective: “Much of the present-day discussion about Washington’s education and racial philosophy fails to take into account that he .


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