Bottled Water Plant Business Plan

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Its refractive index is 1.00 and specific gravity 1.0.

Pure water is tasteless, however, the pres­ence of minerals and dissolved salts and added elements enhance good taste in the water.

whereas Packaged Drinking Water Plant uses the Groundwater through borewell as the source for water and then purify with several purification applications to produce packaged drinking water.

Here in this article, we will deal with packaged bottled drinking water manufacturing as an original mineral water plant is not possible to start on a small scale.

Like any manufacturing business, mineral water plant business will also need some time to bring you profits. It is advised to remain dedicated and concentrate on product quality and promoting your brand.

If you do these simple things, this business has the potential to fetch good sustainable profits in near future.If you are looking for finance, it is advised to hire a professional business plan expert to create your business plan.Naming your mineral water bottle company is another important step.One is packaged drinking water and another mineral water.Mineral Water Plant normally uses the mountain spring water to produce Bottled Water.So in summary the bottled water business plan shows you: How to start bottled water business in nigeria or any country of choice .How to treat water for safe drinking, Where to buy water treatment plant and chemicals in Nigeria such as reverse osmosis, reverse osmosis water filter, Automatic sealing machine, Standard water Treatment Plant, Reverse Osmosis System, Ozonator, Industrial Filters, Industrial Ultra violet Light, Automatic bottling rinsing, filling and capping machine, Automatic Shrink Packing Machine, Online batch number printer, Semi-automatic PET Blowing machine, Storage Tanks.Depending upon the quality of raw water, suitable treatment is given to the water to make it as per the standards and packed in food grade plastic Bottles with label Indicating de­tails of composition, date of bottling, expiry date, quantity etc. Ft space is required to start a small scale mineral water plant.Out of that 500 will be covered and the rest will be an open area.The consumption of mineral water has gradually increased in developing countries due to the shortage of pure hygienic water.There is a general misconception however about mineral water among people. you will find two kinds of purified water in the market.


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