Bowling For Columbine Thesis Statements

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One of the killers’ gun suppliers was the son of a Colorado anti-gun activist.Thus, Moore might just as well have asked a spokesman for a gun-prohibition group if “our kids say to themselves, ‘Well, gee, mom and day say that guns are just for killing innocent people.To take possession of the gun, the depositor must give the bank thousands of dollars (an unlikely way to start a robbery).

James Nichols, the brother of a convicted mass murderer, is offered as a spokesman for the right of free people to resist tyrannical government.

ON TO LITTLETON, LOCKHEED, AND 9/11 then departs Michigan and heads for Littleton, Colo., to develop the thesis that American militarism created the mass-murder atmosphere that resulted in Columbine.

premiered as the world’s first self-described “mockumentary.” The film purported to be a documentary of a heavy-metal band called “Spinal Tap.” In fact, there was no such band.

No group had ever hit the charts in the 1960s with a song called “Listen to the Flower People.” No rock drummer named John “Stumpy” Pepys had ever died in an inexplicable gardening accident.

’” The camera then takes a shot of a workplace safety slogan — “It has to be foreign-object free” — to imply that Lockheed Martin employees revel in the killing of dehumanized foreigners. While one killer’s father once served in the Air Force, neither family worked in the defense industry.

Bowling For Columbine Thesis Statements

The other killer’s parents were gun-control advocates — so much so that they forbade him to play with toy guns — unlike the many children who are shown with toy guns elsewhere in the film.

is not a documentary (based on true facts), but rather a mockumentary (based on fictitious “facts”).

It’s a humorous movie, but the biggest joke is on the audience, which credulously accepts the “facts” in the movie as if they were true. The Columbine murderers were enrolled in a high-school bowling class.

Most members of the urban audiences cheering are no more capable of participating in a successful hunt than they are of conducting a three-day, backcountry cross-country ski trek, or playing rookie-league baseball.

The vast majority of hunters are also very safety-conscious.


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