Building Automation Thesis

Building Automation Thesis-17
With the press of a button, a 4K Ultra High Definition TV ascends on a motorized lift from a cabinet, motorized speakers in the ceiling tilt downward, a surround-sound system activates, the shades close and the lights dim.33.Program your golf simulation room to double as a home theater.If there’s a security breach, program every light in the house to illuminate to 100%.

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Create a “Music” scene, which sets the lights at 30% and volume at your favorite level – perfect for late-night focus while working on a project. A “Party” scene – create instant ambiance with the press of a button with lighting that illuminates key decorative elements and a customized playlist that starts up automatically.25. Incorporate microphones into the whole-house audio system, so you can broadcast presentations throughout the entire home.27.

Use your i Pad to tell the refrigerator when you’re out of ice, so it can ramp up production.28.

The Internet of Things (Io T) is becoming a reality in many industries.

Its key concept is the smart city, which is relevant to building management.

When you press play, dim the lights gradually over 7 seconds.31.

When you press pause, bring the lights up by 30%.32. One touch of a button that turns all lighting for a given room on/off; not just one light.2.Double-tap the same button to turn everything (lighting, electronics, devices, etc.) in the room off.3.Between 4 am & 9 am, if the garage temp is below 40 degrees, turn on master bath floor switch (heat), set to automatically turn off at 9am.Our Control4 Authorized Dealers are true experts in their field, and there’s no better source of information for some really amazing home automation ideas tailored to your lifestyle. If you tap the music, it can change the LED to an assigned color for each family member (with their favorite playlist/settings).17.Double tap the volume button to turn off an audio zone.18.Midnight snack – just enough light to make your way to the refrigerator and back without disturbing family members.10.Motion sensing – At night, when motion is sensed, ramp lights to 15% (just enough light to see, not to be blinded).11.Landscape lighting – have the lights come on brighter at sunset, but dim to 20% at 11pm to conserve energy.14.Stream music to every room in your home, with a dedicated keypad place in each room.15.


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