Bullying School Research Papers

Most of the parents may have faced bullying in primary school, college, or at work in their present life but it appears incomprehensible for a child to be facing the same or orchestrating the same.

The question on every parent’s mind is, Why are do some children bully others?

It is an important question that is critically evaluated and has been present in the society for years to date.

The children on most cases develop these behaviours from the societal models adopted by the parents, peers and the community at large.

The paper uses Skinner Behaviourist theory, Bronfenbrenner model and Vygostky socio-cultural theory to assess the issue in the society.

In the world the main distinctions that lead to bullying are mainly as a result of differences in race, class, sexual orientation, language, size, reputation and ability of an individual towards others (Mundy et al, 2017).

In schools the behaviour is mainly cultivated by the social attributes and peer pressure that inform the behavioural models that are adopted by individuals.It is an important aspect that leads to problems in the systems and critical aspects that are essential for change in the system accordingly.There are different forms of bullying that range from individual one on one bullying to mobbing by a large number of people.In a world where the society prides itself in engaging with people from all over the world and shunning discrimination, it is unfathomable that bullying continues in primary schools.Australia is a developed country where the best learning models are adopted by the school systems adopted in these countries.An analysis of bullying and the contributing factors will further highlight the importance of developing proper controls to ensure that the critical changes have been implemented.Bullying is defined as the intentional use of force, threat, intimidation, aggressive behaviour against others to dominate and control them (Allison et al, 2014).Bullying can therefore, be described under different theories that can be used to arrest the condition and eradicate the problem especially among children in the society.Bullying hinders learning and development; it is pertinent to ensure that the best models are adopted towards creating a proper process of control and critical methods of change in the systems accordingly.However, there are numerous cases of bullying in primary schools that leads to questions on the reasons and contributors of the problem in the society.This research paper assesses different aspects of bullying and uses different theoretical models to highlight and develop an understanding of the problem in schools.


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