Business Continuity Plans And Disaster Recovery Plans

A thorough DR planning risk analysis will evaluate your organization’s susceptibility to a ransomware attack.

If your business is using disaster recovery services or cloud backup services, include the name and contact information of the vendor as well as the list of employees authorized to declare a disaster or request support.

You may also want to include in your disaster recovery plan and business continuity plan some best practices for communicating with the media.

A disaster recovery plan should contain all of the information your organization and staff need to recover from a disaster.

Include the risk analysis, RTOs, RPOs, and SLAs and a structured approach for meeting these objectives.

But you can minimize the impact of an outage by making a disaster recovery plan and business continuity plan.

The best disaster recovery plan will evaluate risks and set goals upfront.

An RTO defines the target amount of time an application or operation can be offline without an unacceptable business impact, and is usually measured in hours, minutes, or seconds.

Next determine the Recovery Point Objective (RPO), defined as the point in time to which the application must be recovered.

For business continuity planning, make a list of mission-critical operations, and then determine what applications, data, user access, or equipment are necessary to support those functions.

Understand the cost of downtime and then determine your Recovery Time Objective (RTO) for each function.


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