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Therefore, this research will analyze the aspect of global business negotiations in the case of mergers and acquisitions between two different companies belonging two different countries.In order to gain competitive advantage, firms have devised various supply chain strategies which helps them in improvising their business performance.So, without further ado, here’s a list of business dissertation topics that will help you stand out in your class.

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Therefore, this research will identify a highly sensitive issue by analyzing how regional differences between countries have an impact on overall business strategies of the multinational companies.: Corporate social responsibility has become an important phenomenon as it has a direct impact on brand image of the company.

Therefore, the main purpose of the research is to analyze how CSR activities influence customer perception which in return impacts customer loyalty.

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Our team will help you with research and analysis, and will be there with you at every step till you finish and pass your dissertation.This research will talk about the factors that impact the performance, e-business strategies and globalization of UK based businesses.The study will also focus on factors impacting the social media strategy of these organizations.The main aim of the research is to analyze the impact of international business negotiations on cross border mergers.Due to intense competitions, many companies are going for mergers and acquisitions in order to enhance their market share.It will not be wrong to say that globalisation is the integration of policy making, cultures, markets, industries, and economics around the globe.In the recent times, the concept of globalization has been expanded to include a broader range of activities and areas such as biological, political, social, cultural, technological, climate and media factors, even though initially it primarily focused on the economies, capital flows, foreign direct investment and trade.Once such strategy is forward and backward integration.Therefore this research will be focusing on analyzing the impact of both forward and backward integration on business performance and sustainability.Prior to completing your graduation degree, you will be asked to submit a dissertation.As a business student, you will have to choose a topic that will not only interest you but will also help you in your professional life.


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